CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: The Black Feminist Manifesto

What is The Black Feminist Manifesto?

The Black Feminist Manifesto is a collection of work created by and for all people of color. The words, thoughts and artwork of those who have contributed to The Black Feminist Manifesto will be featured in a collection of Zines that will periodically be produced by myself and sent out by the masses for the world to hear our voices,anger,and love.  

The Black Feminist Manifesto is inclusive to all people of color and is meant as a safe space for us.

The Black Feminist Manifesto is collection of artwork, thoughts and and discussion curated by and for people of color and our white counterparts to listen.

The Black Feminist Manifesto does not water down, comfort the fee fee’s of, nor bullshits anyone who may be cause harm to our existence as feminists of color. 

The Black Feminist Manifesto is meant to be loud, to heal, and to educate on our terms and our terms only.

The Black Feminist Manifesto is long overdue.

Who Can Submit?

ANY person of color can submit their work to BFM! 

The current deadline for the first print issue is September 5.

Where To Find Us?

The Black Feminist Manifesto (Tumblr)

Who Is Behind The Black Feminist Manifesto?

Blck-grrl is the creator behind BFM. The following people are her team: NuestraHermana, l-enfant-terrible, ChauvinistSushi, Julaya


Thanks for sharing this, nuestrahermana!

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