POC ZINE PROJECT — COMMUNITY PICK: The Space Between: Yoni Narratives, Volume 1

COMMUNITY PICK: The Space Between: Yoni Narratives, Volume 1

The Space Between: Yoni Narratives, Volume 1 is a collection of yoni (vagina) narratives from Black Women’s voices created by Ntozake Shange School of Literary Thought.

Open publication - Free publishing - More black women

In celebration of Ntozake Shange,  “Ntozake Shange School of Literary Thought” exists as a safe space where Black Women can be subversive and recover through words. (Re)affirming each other’s magic and healing many of the wounds that are inflicted by racism, sexism, classism, and homophobic views through our collective narratives. In essence, believing in the power of transformative knowledge—SPARKing one mind, to spark another and another…


Editor’s Note: A “Community Pick” is a zine submitted by an individual or group to POC Zine Project for the purpose of signal-boosting zines by people of color. If you would like to submit a Community Pick, here’s how to do it. As long as the zine was created/co-created by a person of color, we will always share Community Pick submissions. Enjoy!

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