SIGNAL BOOST: The Brown Grrlz Project

"The Brown Grrlz Project is a collective dedicated to the advancement of ‘femme of centre’ cis womyn, queer womyn, two-spirit people, intersex people, trans folks of colour.

The Brown Grrlz Project is dedicated to challenging the way that hegemonic society defines and oppresses Femme identified womyn of colour. We do so by creating intentional spaces where Femmes Of Colour act as authors of their own experience and are valued and recognized, by affirming and sharing science and knowledge created by Femmes of Colour.

Through sharing knowledge, publishing and research, we intend to prioritize the knowledge of feminine womyn as a tool to educate and identify opportunities to create a system that honors ‘femmeness’ as held by racialized and aboriginal women. Through activism we combat structures of privilege with built networks of leaders and community members, dedicated to building a society beyond exclusion.

We also provide support for traumatic outcomes of oppression through community building, skill sharing and community based education. We affirm our value through creating spaces for us to celebrate ourselves.“ — The Brown Grrlz

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