POC ZINE PROJECT — POC Zine Project offering a free ride to/from SLC Zine Fest to POC

POC Zine Project offering a free ride to/from SLC Zine Fest to POC


Sarah Lawrence College Feminist Collective is going to be hosting a small zine fest this year, and we want you! The fest will focus on feminist and queer zines, or queer feminist zines. We are hoping to get some tablers to come and sell zines and merch, as well as some readers and panelist to discuss zine culture and the importance of zines.

Interested? Shoot us a message or check out the event on We Make Zines! You can also email me at feministcollective@gm.slc.edu for more information!

We have a positive history with SLC and hope that POC zinesters in the NY area participate in this event.

POC Zine Project will be offering a free ride (to and from a location in Manhattan) to people of color interested in attending the event in Bronxville. We will take as many people as we can. Stay tuned for more details. If you want to help organize this ride and/or get a ride, message us here or on Facebook.

Here’s the event info from the We Make Zines invite:

Tentative Date: December 1, 2012

Location: Sarah Lawrence College
Street: 1 Mead Way
City/Town: Bronxville, NY
Website or Map: http://slczinefest.tumblr.com/

A zine fest focusing on feminist and queer zines. The event will feature tables for zinesters to sell zines and merch, readings, a panel on zine culture and the importance of zines, and zine making workshops! We are looking for people to be a part of all of these events. Please contact Ciaran Rhodes at crhodes@gm.slc.edu or feministcollective@gm.slc.edu for more information!

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