COMMUNITY SUBMISSION: ‘Rise, Fall, Repeat’ #2

Name: Rise, Fall, Repeat #2 (2011)

Zine Author: Isidro “De La Luna” Fox (listed as Nathan Fox in this link) aka skepticamongthefaithful.tumblr.com

Author’s description: “Another installment of personal anecdotes, poetry, photography, and writing; all original. Mostly dealing with depression, alienation, and all things relating to where hope gets you when luck and yourself aren’t really on speaking terms. A lot of heart and time went into all of this, so I hope you all enjoy!

Keywords: perzine, depression, alienation, social anxiety, poetry, photography, hope, california, anaheim, chicano

Download issue #2 (free): http://zinelibrary.info/rise-fall-repeat-reissue-2

Where to purchase issue #2: http://www.etsy.com/listing/96134917/rise-fall-repeat-zine-issue-no-2

Message from Isidro: 

Issue 1 is getting re-worked on, and the people over at People of the Sun Zine distro are looking for PoC zinesters/artists who are either interested in creating an all-art zine soon or have zines they’d like to submit for consignment.

Thanks for sharing your zine, Isidro! <3 We really appreciate the way you offered different formats for printing … and that you numbered your pages! That makes it 100% easier for readers (and zine freaks like us) to assemble <3

Also thanks so much for what you’re doing at People of the Sun Zine Distro! It is SO IMPORTANT for more people of color to create their own distros to support POC zinesters. 

It isn’t about being divisive — it’s about POC supporting POC. Legit white allies get that, in addition to advocating for the inclusion of more zines by POC in their go-to zine distros that have no or very few zines by POC. <3


Editor’s Note: A “Community Submission” post results from a POC submitting their own zine to be featured on the POC Zine Project Tumblr. If you would like to share your zine with the POC Zine Project community, here’s how to do it.

When you submit, feel free to add some background, a description of your work and art and your mission statement. If you just send us the name of your zine, we’ll simply link back to a source for purchasing it and use the language you already have on your site.

As long as the zine was created/co-created by a person of color, we will always share Community Submissions. Enjoy!

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