POC ZINE PROJECT — Meet POC Zine Project tour member Anna Vo!

Meet POC Zine Project tour member Anna Vo!

Anna Vo, POC Zine Project tour member

Anna Vo, who lives in Berlin, has played music (hardcore, folk, etc.) for about 15 years (check out their DIY record label). Anna currently works with different types of activist communities and sectors to address racism, power, privilege, gentrification, and inclusive practices.

Anna also works for free on community consulted architectural projects in different cities/countries. Additionally, they organize free schools, fests, autonomous spaces, and more!

More from Anna:

I decided to join the [POC Zine Project] tour because I thought it was an awesome opportunity to hang out with women of colour who I could hopefully talk to about things that I think about alot, but don’t necessarily get to talk about that much in the communities and cities that I live in!

I’m working on the third issue of my punk zine Fix My Head, which is a collection of interviews with “Punx of Colour,” mostly women who have been playing in hardcore/punk bands for some time, and their experiences of racism/fetishisation/exclusion/etc.

I’m also working on the third issue of my zine, The Universal Vs Specific, which is a perzine about being a survivor, and crappy power dynamics in a longterm relationship, and racism within friendships/relationships/anarcho-collectives.

I hope to meet some awesome people, have some killer conversation, and learn a whole bunch of stuff!

Favourite POC zines:

rooftops and roadrage, from London
Mellow Yellow from Aotearoa
Unsewing My Lips, from London

and blogs: 

Here is where you can find out more about Anna:

Zines and stories: annavo.wordpress.com 

Folk and noise music: annavo.bandcamp.com 

DIY record label: anout.bandcamp.com 

Twitter: twitter.com/ibeannavo 

Anna also sings and plays guitar for a feminist hardcore band based in Berlin, xFirstWorldProblemxhttp://soundcloud.com/xfwpx. Below is an xfwpx band practice recording. Anna also plays in five other bands.

Anna has made and contributed to several zines. For this introduction, Anna requested that we include The Swan The Vulture zine (2011). This zine is about racialisation and consent and “wanting to be loved, but wanting to be loved in a respectful way. And feeling guilty for that. And where this fits into being a non-white ‘anarchist’ female.”

The Swan The Vulture includes information on how to navigate abuse. TRIGGER WARNING.

The third issue of The Swan The Vulture will be up online this week. POC Zine Project will share it as soon as it’s available.

Community: Anna Vo will be participating in ALL of our tour dates! Please help Anna offset the cost of participating in this tour by purchasing their zines, music and spreading the word about the tour.

Thanks again Anna, for going on tour with us and supporting POC Zine Project! <3 

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