POC ZINE PROJECT — Meet POC Zine Project tour member Cristy C. Road!

Meet POC Zine Project tour member Cristy C. Road!

POC Zine Project tour member: Cristy C. Road

Cristy C. Road is a Cuban-American Artist and Writer. Blending her political principles, sexual identity, and social inadequacies- Road lives to testify the beauty of the imperfect.

Here is what CCR had to say about joining the POC Zine Project tour:

I felt thrilled to participate in this tour because it’s incredibly important to me. Emphasizing the voices of POC in Zine culture (and any media) is imperative to revolutionizing any “alternative” space. If diversity isn’t present we aren’t moving forward.

Road’s endeavors in illustrating and publishing began when writing a punk rock zine, Greenzine, for ten years. The eventually included narratives on race, gender, and eliminating oppression the punk and activist communities. She resumed to illustrate countless record album covers, book covers, political organizations, magazine articles, and more.

Road has published an illustrated novel about high school, mental health, sexuality, and Miami entitled INDESTRUCTIBLE, a postcard book entitled DISTANCE MAKES THE HEART GROW SICK, and BAD HABITS, an Illustrated love story about healing, drugs, gay nightlife, and her telepathic connections to the destruction of New York City. Roads work has also been featured in the Baby Remember My Name: New Queer Girl Writing Anthology, Live Through This Anthology, Reproduce and Revolt, and countless other published works.

She’s toured nationally and internationally on her own, and with SISTER SPIT, an all-queer spoken-word road-show. She is currently working on a TAROT CARD DECK with Author, Michelle Tea and her band, THE HOMEWRECKERS.

Road’s latest novel, SPIT AND PASSION (A graphic novel about coming out, maintaining her Cuban cultural roots, and an obsession with Green Day) is due out on Feminist Press in the fall. She hibernates in Brooklyn, NY.

SPIT AND PASSION by Cristy C. Road (coming this fall)

Community: Cristy C. Road will be participating in ALL of our tour dates! Please help her offset the cost of participating in this tour by purchasing her zines, music and spreading the word about the tour.

Related links:  Art page: www.croadcore.org and band: www.the-homewreckers.com

Here’s a great interview by BITCH MAGAZINE: Sm{art}: Diggin’ Deep With Cristy C. Road

Quote from the interview:

I really like being on tour—that’s one of my all-time favorite things—living on tour is really therapeutic. I’m going on the people of color zinester tour, People of Color Zine Project, in September, and it’s gonna rule. I think those are my favorite things.

Thanks again CCR, for going on tour with us and supporting POC Zine Project! <3 

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