Skinned Heart Zine Numero Tres

Zinester: Nyky Gomez

Title: Skinned Heart Zine (Issue #3)

Where to buy: dorisdorisdoris.com or takecarezines.org

Message from Nyky Gomez:

Yo soy una Mexicana and I write a personal/political zine. [Skinned Heart Zine is a] Personal Political Mexicana perspective zine dealing with issues such as mental health, health, abusive relationships, race issues, sexual abuse, and generally living and learning.

Well it is my zine, so I like it because it allows me to connect with other like minded people in the world struggling with the same things that I struggling with.

Excerpt from dorisdorisdoris’ description of Skinned Heart #3:

The power of female friendships and support; fallouts and exploring the causes; sexism and wanting to learn from the collective pain and miscommunications; being a radical feminist in denial of the abusive relationship she was in; the loss of a few white friends; gardening; “I think a lot about punk and activism and the impression that each of those communities have left on me. I think about how much I have learned about people and communication.I think about how much my friends mean to me and how much they have meant to me. I can’t imagine who I would have been if I had not come into contact with these people… I started to forget what I was all about. I really lost a sense of my own culture, my sense of Browness, and I forgot how to connect with people who weren’t punks…” 

Thanks for your submission, Nyky Gomez!


Editor’s Note: A “Community Submission” post results from a POC submitting their own zine to be featured on the POC Zine Project Tumblr. If you would like to share your zine with the POC Zine Project community, here’s how to do it.

When you submit, feel free to add some background, a description of your work and art and your mission statement. If you just send us the name of your zine, we’ll simply link back to a source for purchasing it and use the language you already have on your site.

As long as the zine was created/co-created by a person of color, we will always share Community Submissions. Enjoy!

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