POC ZINE PROJECT — Meet POC Zine Project tour member Osa Atoe!

Meet POC Zine Project tour member Osa Atoe!

POC Zine Project Race Riot! Tour member Osa Atoe

Osa Atoe is a musician who lives in New Orleans, Louisiana. She is the child of Nigerian immigrants, who grew up in the suburbs of Washington, DC and then lived on the West Coast for seven years. She feels that her involvement with punk is unlikely and often wonders how she ended up here. Osa likes to play music more than anything else in the world, which is why her zine, “Shotgun Seamstress,” is mostly a music fanzine. She began that zine, a DIY publication by and for black punk rockers, when she lived in Portland, Oregon in 2006.

(Read issues of Shotgun Seamstress for free online.)

Osa Atoe's book cover for the Shotgun Seamstress compilation

You can purchase all of Shotgun Seamstress as one very rad anthology from Mend My Dress Press later this month. (Osa will be selling the book during the tour as well!).

Osa is very proud to be able to say that she was in a band called New Bloods that put out a record on Kill Rock Stars before the label went completely to shit. While being in that band, Osa discovered that she loves to book punk shows and decided to begin booking all-ages DIY shows for girl bands & other folks, too, under the name No More Fiction when she moved to New Orleans in 2009. That initial love has turned into a more complicated, love/hate relationship since then, however Osa was still very much excited to help book the DIY portion of the POC Zine Project RACE RIOT! Tour.

Here is what Osa had to say about joining the POC Zine Project tour:

Why I want to be a part of the his ridiculously rad tour: Because I want to hang out with Mimi, Mariam, Daniela, Cristy and Anna every single day, every hour, every minute for two weeks straight. I need my POC punk time because I don’t get enough of it in my day to day life. Because I love to tour. I think that being able to tour & travel has helped me deal with how white punk can be because I’ve been able to make connections with black & brown punks all over the country and even internationally. I love to be on the road, I love to travel and I especially love to travel with a purpose, and what better purpose than this?

Community: Osa will be participating in ALL our tour dates: Sept 24 - Oct 7. Please help her offset the cost of participating in this tour by purchasing her zines, music and spreading the word about the tour.


Cristy C. Road

Anna Vo

Mimi Thi Nguyen

Mariam Bastani

More bios coming soon!

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