POC ZINE PROJECT — CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: The Black Youth Manifesto, in collaboration with POC Zine Project

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: The Black Youth Manifesto, in collaboration with POC Zine Project

We’re excited to support the print zine production and distribution of the upcoming ‘The Black Youth Manifesto.’ 

Read all details in the original call but here are the basics:

The Black Youth Manifesto..

The Black Youth Manifesto is a zine by Black Youth for Black Youth.. As a Black youth the age of 15 myself, I see a need for Black Youth to have their say. The reason I am calling it a manifesto is because it is a publication BY us, FOR us. A way to directly speak for ourselves & not have others speak for us. I’m getting tired of not having the perspectives of young Black people highlighted or having our perspectives invalidated through ageism. We may be young, but I believe Black youth are capable of articulating our feelings & thoughts, regardless of the assumptions made that we can’t.

The Mastermind Behind It All..

My name is Tayler, I’m 15 years old. I’m currently a sophomore in High School & I’ve been sitting on this project for a long time. The thing that made me actually decide to act on the idea was the fact that I constantly saw negative comments being made about my generation on other public forums & also, that I felt that the negativity needs to be combated. Black youth are very creative & talented & I hope to showcase that in this zine. Also, as someone who created her own safe space & platform through social media talking about different interests such as, racism, sexism, & politics.. I failed to see people my age engaging in these conversations. I don’t think it’s because we don’t care but rather because we don’t always have the platforms to say these things. I seek to change that.


To submit, you simply have to be a Black person between the ages of 15-25..

All mediums will be accepted in the Black Youth Manifesto..

The submission deadline is November 15th, 2012.

All submissions can be sent to the BlackYouthManifesto@gmail.com.


Editor’s note: Stay tuned for more updates! If you’re over 25 and want to contribute to something similar, check out The Black Feminist Manifesto.