POC ZINE PROJECT — Report back from SF Zinefest 2012: POC Zinester Edition! *Pt 2 of 4*

Report back from SF Zinefest 2012: POC Zinester Edition! *Pt 2 of 4*

On September 1, 2012, POC Zine Project’s Daniela Capistrano attended SF Zinefest, on a mission to meet zinesters of color. This is what she saw and who she found (part 2 of 4):

Woo! Made it <3 #sfzinefest

As I mentioned previously, I showed up at SF Zinefest exactly one hour before it was over, so I didn’t have a lot of time to browse. My focus was 100% on finding poc zinesters.

Liz Mayorga of Spunky Cat Comix (click to read my interview with her) helped me track down other poc at the fest. Just one table down from her was Gabrielle Gamboa, who graciously allowed me to live-tweet an interview with her for @poczineproject:

Gabrielle Gamboa #poczines #poczinester

Gabrielle showed me her latest creation, Miss Lonelyhearts.

This 36-page comic is the first issue (order here!), a comic book adaptation of the first chapter of the Nathanael West novella. The Depression-era story is about a young writer hired to be a newsaper advice columnist. The desperation and sorrow of the letters he receives drives him into a deep depression, and he tries different methods of coping with the outrageous injustice of the world. But the story is also very darkly comic, which is what drew Gabrielle to it.

Here’s my mini interview with Gabrielle:

Why she likes to make zines:

Why she decided to adapt Nathanael West’s novella:

Who inspired her to start creating her own comics:

Here’s a peak at what Gabrielle had for sale at SF Zinefest:

Gabrielle Gamboa's Miss Lonely Hearts Zune #poczines

Gabrielle is doing a reading in the bay area TODAY 9/22 for Small Press Fest at The Escapist Bookstore, 3090 Claremont Ave, Berkeley, CA. 5pm. If you are in the area, please attend and support! Tell her Daniela from POC Zine Project sent you! <3

Daniela has to continue getting ready for the POC Zine Project Race Riot! tour (kicking off Sept 24!), so stay tuned for two more poc zinester profiles from SF Zinefest. We’ll post them later tonight!

If you missed the first installment with Liz Mayorga, click here.

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