POC ZINE PROJECT — Race Riot! Tour Recap: 538 Johnson on Sept 24, 2012!

Race Riot! Tour Recap: 538 Johnson on Sept 24, 2012!

On September 24, 2012, we held our Race Riot! Tour kickoff event at 538 Johnson. We’ll do a better job documenting the next 11 tour stops, we promise! In the meantime, enjoy these slightly fuzzy cellphone pics <3

Osa listens intently to Mimi read while she tables with her new comp book of Shotgun Seamstress.


Khristina came all the way from NJ for the kickoff event <3

Khristina from NJ came all this way!

Cristy C. Road made some rad buttons for attendees (we’ll have them at each tour stop).

Cristy made buttons!!! We're here at 538 Johnson in BK

Anna Vo was the first person to read (brave!)


Jenna, one of our long time allies from Barnard Zine Library, tabled with poc zines from their library.

Barnard Zine Library tabling at tonight's event

The space got pretty packed! A comment a poc attendee made to Daniela: “So many white allies!” There were many allies there for sure, as well as poc. It was a great mix of folks.


Mimi Thi Nguyen tables with issues of Slander and Race Riot #1 and #2.


Osa read second, after Anna.


In Our Hearts Collective tabled with free poc zines for attendees and gave us many copies to give away while on tour! Here’s a sample of some of the titles:

In Our Hearts Collective's table

Editor’s Note: As of October 2012, POCZP is no longer in contact with In Our Hearts Collective. Read more here.

This very blurry photo is of Kate Wadkins of For the Birds Collective, our long time allies. They tabled with zines and are zine partners for this tour. They made copies of Race Riot #1 and #2 and gave us issues of IGGU and others to take on tour!


So many poc zines!

Giant pile of Shotgun Seamstress zine

Cristy C. Road did an amazing multimedia reading and Daniela was too enraptured to take photos (plus she was working the slideshow + projector). But here is Cristy’s tabling area <3

Cristy C. Road's tabling area

The person with hoop earrings watching Anna read is Aiyana, poc who lives at 538 Johnson. She was very welcoming and we appreciate her support!


We appreciate everyone who bought zines to enjoy and to support our touring costs <3


In addition to the readings by Osa, Mimi, Anna, and Cristy, In School performed several songs. Someone with a real camera took photos at this event and we’ll share those asap <3 But we hope you enjoyed this brief snapshot of what went down last night.

If you have photos you’d like to share, email them to daniela@dcapmedia.com.

BIG THANK YOU to everyone at 538 Johnson who shared their space with us to make this event happen. We want to collaborate with you on future events that help build and nurture community.

Next stop on our tour: Philly! We have a reading tonight at 7pm. If you’re in the area, come through!


POC Zine Project’s mission is to make zines by people of color easy to find, distribute and share - community and activism through materiality. We are touring through 12 cities from Sept 24 - Oct 7.






We produced 14 evening shows in 13 cities and spoke at 6 universities, for a total of 20 events. 

Oct 7: Death By Audio - Brooklyn

Oct 6: University of Maryland + Brickhaus - College Park and Baltimore

Oct 5: St. Stephen & the Incarnation Episcopal Church - Washington, D.C.

Oct 4: University of Pittsburgh - Pittsburgh

Oct 3: Skylab - Columbus

Oct 2: Rachael’s Cafe - Bloomington

Oct 1: University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign + UCIMC - Champaign

Sept 30: multikulti - Chicago

Sept 29: University of Michigan + 3rd Death Star - Ann Arbor

Sept 28: The Trumbullplex - Detroit

Sept 27: Ohio University + evening potluck with Cindy Crabb - Athens

Sept 26: Mr. Roboto Project - Pittsburgh

Sept 25: The Wooden Shoe - Philly

Sept 24: 538 Johnson - NYC - Brooklyn

Sept 14 - Wellesley College pre-Race Riot! tour panel