POC ZINE PROJECT — Response to IOH participation at Race Riot! Tour: 538 Johnson on Sept 24, 2012

Response to IOH participation at Race Riot! Tour: 538 Johnson on Sept 24, 2012



On September 24, 2012, we held our Race Riot! Tour kickoff event at 538 Johnson. We’ll do a better job documenting the next 11 tour stops, we promise! In the meantime, enjoy these slightly fuzzy cellphone pics <3

Osa listens intently to Mimi read while she tables with her new comp book of…

sounds like this was so awesome! i wish y’all were coming to boston!

although bummed that whoever from nyc organized the event included the in our hearts collective, since they continue harbor well known sexual assaulter thaddeus d. umpster as a member. i obviously don’t expect people outside of nyc to know about that but here’s the info for people who don’t know (linked from the support new york website). and as somebody involved in the nyc @ community for 10 years who has know thaddeus since he was 20, i stand by all info on this site as being true


Informational website regarding Dennis Burke aka Thadeaus D. Umpster, who has been evading accountability in New York City for at least 4 years, if not many more. The website documents his patterns of abuse and attempts that were made to hold him accountable.

Anna Vo responds to this comment:

Hi everyone,

We will write to In Our Hearts directly about this, but just to be transparent, any collectives that agree or offer to participate in an event where there may be survivors involved or present, especially events centred around gender/race/identity politics, should definitely offer full disclosure about their support or involvement with known perpetrators. If the perpetrator/perpetuator is a member of that collective, then please offer full disclosure so other parties involved can give fully informed consent. We would have appreciated this knowledge - for ourselves, and in order to pass onto other participants and attendees.

We work on a basis of trust, and hope that people are fostering what are the safest spaces possible for everyone. There are many people, myself included, that may feel unsafe or uncomfortable with the possibility of a known perpetrator/perpetuator showing up to this event, or being involved with any group that includes members that have a history of being unaccountable for known behaviours of assault.

My zines I read from are specifically about perpetrators and their lack of accountability, and had I known about the presence of a group that supported or protected a perpetrator, that would have severely reduced my ability to talk about being a recent survivor. We sincerely apologise to anyone who was there last night who feels affected or upset by learning this knowledge at this time. To our knowledge, he did not attend.

I appreciate the presence and contribution of/by In Our Hearts last night, and I look forward to clearer dialogue to the collective members about this. Hopefully there is some kind of misunderstanding or miscommunication, or that “Thadeaus” is no longer a member of this collective.

At any rate, I would like to repeat that it is the responsibility of any collective to offer full disclosure to people/groups they work with, regarding perpetrators/perpetuators in their membership. I believe that there is a strong need for analysis regarding the intersection between anarchist organizing and community accountability, as someone deeply involved with both.  I hope that this opens up some constructive discussion. Thank you.