POC ZINE PROJECT — Race Riot! Tour Recap: Chicago! @ multikulti on Sept 30, 2012

Race Riot! Tour Recap: Chicago! @ multikulti on Sept 30, 2012 

Our Chicago tour date was especially significant because it marked the part of the tour where our friend and MMATRR original panelist, Mariam Bastani from Maximumrocknroll, joined us for events through Oct 4. She was previously touring with her band Permanent Ruin, which is why she missed the first half of Race Riot!.

Mariam in the sun, on our way to take a walk before heading to multikulti, our venue in Chicago.


Daniela Capistrano (left) and Mariam Bastani (right) cuddle up. Daniela had connected with Mariam in San Francisco a few weeks before the tour to visit MRR headquarters and pick up issues for the tour.

Daniela and Mariam

Mimi, Cristy, Anna and Mariam joking around at our host Mireya’s home in Chicago. Osa was on the phone but we’ll post cute pics of her and Mariam later.

Buncha babes: Mimi, Cristy, Anns and Mariam from MRR (she just arrived!!!). Osa was on the phone and I'm camera girl.

Mimi and Mireya together. Mireya hosted us when we came out for Chicago Zine Fest earlier this year.

Mimi and Mireya

We left Mireya a note and a present from Anna (her new zine) … ;)


We love Chicago! We took a few hours before the show to walk around, drop by Quimby’s and more.


Spotted: Fag School at Quimby’s <3


We also spotted the issue of Original Plumbing with Wyatt on the cover, haaaaay <3

Hey it's @wyatt_riot at Quimby's

Browsing the hundreds of zines …


Osa photobombs Daniela as we enter multikulti.

Osa: photobomb master

Delicious issues of MRR, on display with Mariam sellin’ them at multikulti! Woo!


Mimi is super happy that Mariam is finally on tour with us! Mariam is super happy to be holding a copy of Osa’s new book! Lots of feelings.

Mariam is so psyched to be in your with us now! And for Osa's book! And life in general! <3

Mariam tabling at the Race Riot! mall. 



Setting up our multimedia elements inside multikulti. We used the projector inside the venue - ours takes a licking and keeps on ticking but we gave it a break this time.

We're about to start!

"Multikulti is a multicultural community center located in the heart of Chicago that serves the public as a non profit venue for creative arts, social activism, and multimedia production. It is a loft space, with an eclectic collection of art and worldly artifacts that provides a warm ambiance for guests and an atmosphere that is positively inspiring."

Monika was our event coordinator for Chicago and took really good care of us <3 Here’s a photo of her with Mimi that we can’t stop talking about because it’s just, well, look at it.


The bands that played last night were:

Breathing Light (black romantic punx): http://thebreathinglight.tumblr.com/

Tras De Nada (badass xicano anarcho-punk hardcore):  http://trasdenada.bandcamp.com/

Distract (in-yr-face fast melodic punk with female vox - and all female members!)

Dj Masisi (jukelicious dance musik)

Here was the schedule:

Zine Readings from 7:30-8:45

Distract at 9

Tras De Nada at 10

Breathing Light 10:30

Scenes from the reading:

Cristy C. Road, feelin’ fine

And then Cristy started singing

Osa Atoe


Anna Vo!!!


Mimi Thi Nguyen


Mariam Bastani


Some of the attendees. At least 100 folks were there, possibly more <3


Some of the Race Riot! tour folks tabling throughout the night.

tabling at multikulti

Attendees checking out the Race Riot! mall.


Mariam loves the Race Riot! mall concept ;)


An attendee checking out and purchasing some of the SlushPilePress zines.

Folks checking out SlushPilePress zines



Mariam! Mariam! Mariam! We’re so glad you’re with us now! <3


Zinester Dave Roche came! Osa has known him for 12 years and Anna has known him for about 10. Dave made a zine called On Subbing, which is about his experiences being a special education teacher. He was so kind and supportive last night!


An attendee who wanted to remain anonymous but also wanted to share all the zines she got at the Race Riot! mall.


Folks from MOONROOT tabled last night!!! WE LOVE THEM! Sine (not pictured here) in Baltimore is helping us organize our Oct 6 date in Bmore.


Check it out y’all. We’re pretty psyched about this.


Race Riot! tour member Anna Vo (left) met up with her band mate Eleanor (right) last night. Their band is called Ann Burden. Super cute pic.


Ed Perkins from Black Dot!!! <3 Support them y’all.

Ed Perkins from Black Dot

Mimi and Daniela, founder of POC Zine Project.

@inzombia Mimi & I in Chicago <3

Message from Daniela:

I had a great time at our event last night in Chicago. Big thanks to Monika once again and the folks at multikulti who helped make our Sept 30 tour date a success. That being said, I wanted to share that I had some weird experiences with a few cis guys taking up way too much space and making me feel uncomfortable. I dealt with it 1:1 but want to ask everyone who attends our events to please keep in mind that being sexually aggressive in a hostile manner, especially with people you do not know, is not OK.

Please treat me, the tour members and women in general with the respect you would want for yourself! Thanks!

We’ll be doing a panel and Q&A at the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign from 4-5:30pm later today. After that we’re doing an evening show at UCIMC (Urbana Champaign Independent Media Center)!

We ended our previous post with these three thoughts and want to share them again:

1) We’re doing a zine about this tour, so if you were part of any of the events, let us know if you want to contribute.

2) We’re doing a national conference in 2014.

3) We love you.


POC Zine Project’s mission is to make zines by people of color easy to find, distribute and share - community and activism through materiality. We are touring through 12 cities from Sept 24 - Oct 7.





All tour dates: http://bit.ly/PeEgaR


Oct 7: Death By Audio - Brooklyn

Oct 6: University of Maryland + Brickhaus - College Park and Baltimore

Oct 5: St. Stephen & the Incarnation Episcopal Church - Washington, D.C.

Oct 4: University of Pittsburgh - Pittsburgh

Oct 3: Skylab - Columbus

Oct 2: Rachael’s Cafe - Bloomington

Oct 1: University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign + UCIMC - Champaign

Sept 30: multikulti - Chicago

Sept 29: University of Michigan + 3rd Death Star - Ann Arbor

Sept 28: The Trumbullplex - Detroit

Sept 27: Ohio University + evening potluck with Cindy Crabb - Athens

Sept 26: Mr. Roboto Project - Pittsburgh

Sept 25: The Wooden Shoe - Philly

Sept 24: 538 Johnson - NYC - Brooklyn

Sept 14 - Wellesley College pre-Race Riot! tour panel