POC ZINE PROJECT — Race Riot! Tour Recap: College Park + Baltimore! @ University of Maryland + BrickHaus on Oct 6, 2012

Race Riot! Tour Recap: College Park + Baltimore! @ University of Maryland + BrickHaus on Oct 6, 2012 

On October 6, 2012, we had two Race Riot! tour events: a daytime campus reading and discussion at the University of Maryland and an evening DIY show at BrickHaus in Baltimore.

Neither of these events would have been possible without the help of Sine Hwang Jensen, a member of MOONROOT Collective who agreed to be our local organizer after we met her at the Bmore Feminist BBQ Series in August of 2012. She was there presenting about her involvement in Baltimore Racial Justice Action.

We originally found Sine after discovering MOONROOT and we are so grateful to her for supporting our tour needs in College Park and Bmore. Thanks, Sine! <3

Race Riot! tour members at the University of Maryland, Oct 6 2012

- Race Riot! tour members Cristy C. Road (left), POC Zine Project founder Daniela Capistrano, Mimi Thi Nguyen, Anna Vo and Osa Atoe at the University of Maryland

Photo credit: Melissa Rogers

Due to traffic and a finicky GPS device, we were almost an hour late to our campus event. ‘Ish happens! Thankfully folks stuck around and we had a great time discussing the topics brought up during the readings.


- Part of the audience at our event at the University of Maryland. Anna Vo is in the front left corner and to her left is Melissa Rogers.

Mimi and Sine!

- A very happy Sine (right) holds Mimi Thi Nguyens new book The Gift of Freedom: War, Debt, and Other Refugee Passages while standing next to the smiling author (left)

Digital Cultures and Creativity folks at the University of Maryland

- Digital Cultures & Creativity students and faculty member Jarah Moesch

She asked for her poster to be signed! <3 Amazing work by @croadcore

- An attendee (and evening show volunteer) proudly holds up her autographed Race Riot! tour poster


- Cristy C. Road (left) and Osa Atoe (middle, in yellow shirt) chat with attendees

After our time on campus, we left feeling inspired to find ways to continue to collaborate with folks at the University of Maryland.

On our way to BrickHaus in Baltimore, we ran a few errands. Someone needed a phone charger; someone else needed new socks … so we found a nearby strip mall and handled the biz.

hella secksy!

- Anna (l) and Mimi (r) looking cute in the sunshine

listen to the socks

- Rock.

We arrived at BrickHaus around 6:45pm and started setting up around 7/7:30pm. Sine helped us make sure that everything ran as smoothly as possible.

People started showing up around 8pm. The venue quickly filled up with a lively mix of local folks, art school students, out-of-towners an adorable toddler and other children.

The Race Riot! readers did multimedia storytelling and a Q&A with the audience between 9pm - 10:30pm. After that, the bands performed.


- Chalk art outside of BrickHaus

These images are not in chrono order - just snapshots of an art, zine and music-filled evening of inspiration and community.


- Inside BrickHaus

Co-Founded in 2011 by two Baltimore-area artists, Ben Graham-Putter and Adam Farkas, BrickHaus Art Space is an organization committed to fostering personal and professional artistic development through the provision of personal studio space, shared technical facilities, gallery space, and a forum for critique and lectures.

My extra long cable at work #geek

Daniela’s POV as she sets up multimedia elements and fancies her extra long cable

Audience at our Bmore show at Brickhaus discuss racism in LGBTQ communities on Oct 6, 2012

- Attendees at our Bmore show at BrickHaus discuss racism in LGBTQ communities


- Door volunteer Chelsey (left) of Bmore Feminist Reading Group, and Sine (right), our Bmore event organizer and part of MOONROOT Collective


- MOONROOT tabling at BrickHaus


- Attendees at BrickHaus gaze at Osa’s multimedia


- Osa (middle) and Anna (right) tabling with volunteer (far left) at BrickHaus (tell us your name again so we can update!)


- Part of the Race Riot! Mall


- NIKKUU  jewelry was on display and for sale (Daniela and Mimi bought several pieces). NIKKUU is by Melissa Moore, who performed at BrickHaus as part of Secret Secrets.

Nikku line for sale at our show at Brickhaus

- More lovely NIKKUU jewelry

Melissa Moore, artist behind NIKKU jewelry line and in the band Secret Secrets #bmore #baltimore - nikkudesign.com

- This is Melissa, Nikkuu creator and drummer for Secret Secrets


- Mimi reads at BrickHaus


- Cristy reads at BrickHaus

Osa reads at Brickhaus for POC Zine Project on Oct 6, 2012

- Osa reads at BrickHaus

Mzery Loves Company

- Mzery Loves Company perform at BrickHaus


Mzery Loves Company

Anna Vo reads at Brickhaus on Oct 6, 2012 #bmore #baltimore

- Anna Vo reads at BrickHaus

Haley, vocals guitar keyboard for Blood Horses, does her thing at Brickhaus on Oct 6 for POC Zine Project's race riot! tour

- Haley, vocals/guitar/keyboard for Blood Horses, strikes a pose at BrickHaus

Reda and Rafael from Blood Horses at Brickhaus for POC Zine Project on Oct 6, 2012

- Reda and Rafael from Blood Horses rock matching cravats (added with Internet magic)

We don’t have any pics of Secret Secrets (sorry!) but check them out!

Mimi spreads love at Brickhaus on Oct 6, 2012 in #bmore #baltimore

- Mimi spreads the love at BrickHaus

Blood Horses at Brickhaus on Oct 6, 2012

- Blood Horses starting trouble

BIG THANK YOU to Melissa Rogers at the University of Maryland and Jarah Moesch from Digital Cultures & Creativity, along with all the students and attendees who made our daytime event in College Park worth the 5 hour drive!

Here’s a complete list of sponsors: 

Women’s Studies, the WMST Multimedia Studio, LGBT Studies, the English Department, the American Studies Department, the Information and Policy Access Center, and Digital Cultures and Creativity. Women’s Studies was in charge of securing all the funds from these sources.

BIG THANK YOU to Sine, the bands and everyone at BrickHaus who helped make our Bmore evening tour date such a success.

We’ll share the Oct 7 Death By Audio tour finale recap tomorrow <3


1) We’re doing a zine about this tour, so if you were part of any of the events, let us know if you want to contribute by emailing daniela@dcapmedia.com.

2) We’re doing a national conference in 2014. 

3) We love you.


POC Zine Project’s mission is to make zines by people of color easy to find, distribute and share - community and activism through materiality. We are touring through 12 cities from Sept 24 - Oct 7.





All tour dates: http://bit.ly/PeEgaR


Oct 7: Death By Audio - Brooklyn

Oct 6: University of Maryland + Brickhaus - College Park and Baltimore

Oct 5: St. Stephen & the Incarnation Episcopal Church - Washington, D.C.

Oct 4: University of Pittsburgh - Pittsburgh

Oct 3: Skylab - Columbus

Oct 2: Rachael’s Cafe - Bloomington

Oct 1: University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign + UCIMC - Champaign

Sept 30: multikulti - Chicago

Sept 29: University of Michigan + 3rd Death Star - Ann Arbor

Sept 28: The Trumbullplex - Detroit

Sept 27: Ohio University + evening potluck with Cindy Crabb - Athens

Sept 26: Mr. Roboto Project - Pittsburgh

Sept 25: The Wooden Shoe - Philly

Sept 24: 538 Johnson - NYC - Brooklyn

Sept 14 - Wellesley College pre-Race Riot! tour panel

All photos by Daniela Capistrano/POC Zine Project unless otherwise noted. Please be sure to credit and link to poczineproject.tumblr.com if you reblog individual pics. Tx! <3

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