POC ZINE PROJECT — SUBMIT FOR A FREE RIDE: SLC Queer/Feminist Zine Fest on November 10, 2012

SUBMIT FOR A FREE RIDE: SLC Queer/Feminist Zine Fest on November 10, 2012

Hey y’all,

Earlier this year we announced that POC Zine Project will be providing free rides for NYC area people of color to attend the Sarah Lawrence College Queer/Feminist Zine Fest in Bronxville. 

We had a great experience tabling at SLC back in 2010 and - working within our own budget constraints - want to help up to ten POC attend this year’s fest who might otherwise not be able to because of financial hardship.

Many of you have expressed interest in this offer, so here are the updated details about how to get a free roundtrip ride to SLC through POC Zine Project:


Location: Sarah Lawrence College

Date: November 10, 2012 (Saturday)

Time: 12pm - 6pm

Street: 1 Mead Way

City/Town: Bronxville, NY


A zine fest focusing on feminist and queer zines. The event will feature tables for zinesters to sell zines and merch, readings, a panel on zine culture and the importance of zines, and zine making workshops!

Contact Ciaran Rhodes at crhodes@gm.slc.edu or feministcollective@gm.slc.edu for more information.

There will be three reading times throughout the day (they will have a sign up sheet when you arrive), a panel on zine/DIY culture, and a zine making workshop.


1. Via the “submit" option on Tumblr, please send the following information:

- Name

- Location (City and State)

- Zines (names of those you have created, it’s fine if you haven’t made any)

- Email (so we can follow up with additional questions/logistical information)

- Why do you want to attend SLC Queer/Feminist Zine Fest? What do you hope to get out of this experience?

- Occupation/latest projects (let us know a little bit about you)

- Related links (any links that will help us know more about you)

- Preferred pronoun/s

2. Please indicate if you are willing to help us with tabling at SLC and if you are interested in sharing our table to distribute your own zines, art, etc.

3. If you don’t have a Tumblr account, please email all the above information to daniela@dcapmedia.com and in the subject line please write “SLC SUBMISSION.”


1. You must be a person of color. This invitation is open to POC only.

2. You don’t have to be an NYC resident - you just have to be able to get to the TBA midtown manhattan location where folks will be departing from, and have a way to get home from that location after the fest is over. We cannot help you with additional cab fare or other transportation beyond the round trip offering.

3. Be prepared to bring your own beverages and food (lunch and snacks) as we don’t know what the meal situation will be or what the prices will be on campus. It’s just generally a good idea to come with your own food and beverages.

4. You must be at least 18 years old or, if not, submit anyway and email daniela@dcapmedia.com to work out permission with a parent/coordinate those details. Parental consent for minors is required.

5. By participating in this free offer, you agree to write a 2-5 (or more if you want!) paragraph about your experience at the fest and email it to daniela@dcapmedia.com by November 15, 2012. This is part of our research on community and inclusion.


1. We can only provide free roundtrip support for up to ten people of color! Make sure you submit before the deadline to be eligible (Oct 25, 2012).

2. If you are coming from out of state to participate, it’s possible that we can connect you with a place to stay overnight if needed (you will need to cover your own way to get to NYC though). So if you’re interested, apply anyway!

3. You, along with a POC Zine Project rep and the other nine attendees, will be taking the Metro-North Railroad Harlem Line to the Bronxville stop. POCZP will then pay for the short cab ride to and from SLC. You will need to have proper ID just in case.

4. This sponsorship is for those facing financial hardship and is honor system based. 

5. We are offering free rides for up to ten POC because we recognize the disconnect between DIY communities, and how events that are often advertised as inclusive are in reality only accessible to those who can afford to attend. We see value in the events that happen at SLC and want to support more POC having access to these experiences.

We model behavior we want to see in the world and hope that in the future, SLC (and other universities that host zine events) will consider providing free transportation for some out-of-city attendees who face financial hardship.

Multiple departments can work together as event sponsors to make something like this happen <3 

- POC Zine Project

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