POC ZINE PROJECT — CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: POC Zine Project + Carey Fuller's zine addressing poverty

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: POC Zine Project + Carey Fuller’s zine addressing poverty

COMMUNITY: We still need 30 more people to contribute to our zine by/for people living at/below the poverty line.

DEADLINE: Extended to March15, 2012 (printing and distributing in late Spring of 2013)

EMAIL SUBMISSIONS TO: POCZPpublishing@gmail.com

You can submit on behalf of a person who doesn’t have access to email but we will need to document that you were the conduit.


ANYONE of ANY background can submit — you just need to have experience living at or below the poverty line (for any length of time).


We’re looking for information on, but not limited to, the following:

- Revolving door policies that keep people homeless

- How to navigate free and low-cost healthcare services in your area/anywhere

- Ways to heal yourself (herbal remedies/natural)

- Options for accessing free food in your area/anywhere

- Finding safe places to sleep in your area/anywhere

- How to pick your friends/allies in stressful circumstances

- Stories from people who are newly homeless and how they are coping

- Stories from people who are close to homelessness and how they are coping

- Stories from young people who were kicked out and their advice on surviving and thriving

- Mental Health: tips and practices from ANYONE on how to practice self-care/love yourself/find light in the darkness


The goal of this zine series is to share relevant and timely information about how to survive and thrive with little or no money. It will also be a resource for those who are newly homeless or in danger of facing homelessness.

The publication will connect people, share resources and provide real stories from people who have learned how to navigate various facets of red tape when dealing with community services (there will also be a digital version + website).

Carey Fuller, a homeless activist and mother near Seattle, WA, is our lead editor for the series. Click here to learn more about her amazing work.


1. This zine will be free for anyone living at or below the poverty line (honor system). Any individual can access the zine at any POC Zine Project and zine partner events in the US and abroad, online as an e-zine/website, and through our DIY distribution network. Details coming soon.

2. Any agencies, collectives, nonprofits, individuals, etc. interested in offering the zine to their clients and members living at or below the poverty line will receive a bulk rate to cover the cost of printing and distribution.

3. This is a not-for-profit venture through POC Zine Project.


If you are an individual, nonprofit, academic space or agency that serves people living at or below the poverty line and want to collaborate with us on this zine series as a publishing or distribution partner, contact Daniela Capistrano at daniela@dcapmedia.com.

We are also looking for support identifying and applying for grants/relevant funding bodies.

Please help signal boost this call for submissions <3

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