We are writing to you on behalf of SpeakSudan, an Ontario based,  youth-led organization dedicated to promoting artistic expressions of East African youth in the diaspora, to request your endorsement and help promote our project to your members and communities.

Our mission statement is rooted in an anti-oppression framework that encourages artistic defiance of gender-based violence, racism, ableism, sexism, ageism, homophobia, heteronormativity, classism and other forms of marginalization, oppression and discrimination. We believe that creativity and artistic expression are paths to healing and community building.

Our primary project is to produce a bi-annual SpeakSudan magazine (Zine) that will feature diverse forms of artistic expression (spoken, written, and musical) of Sudanese-Canadian youth, as well as youth of marginalized communities which relate to their experiences. The SpeakSudan Zine will explore questions of war, migration, accessibility, gender-roles, and broader questions of the dual identities and obstacles that African immigrant youth face in their new home of Canada. We aim to provide a safe creative space for youth to express themselves and share their works with others.

Some of these submissions are already featured on our website: www.speaksudan.org, and you can also create a SpeakSudan account on the website to submit pieces and interact with the content on our online Creative Stream at your earliest convenience

We ask that you share our call out for submissions pasted below with your circles and contacts/paste on your social media accounts. We would be happy to circulate information regarding your organization and it’s efforts to our networks:

Call out for Submissions- SpeakSudan: A Creative Exploration of East African Youth in Diaspora

SpeakSudan’s first publication aims to reach out and form a collective voice of opinions, dissenting or not, on East African youth and allies in diaspora. It is an effort to find commonality amongst a large, diverse and tremendously talented group of people. We will attempt to provide a space, physical and emotional to dissect, understand and reflect on our relationship(s) to the continent, both imagined and real. To engage with our personal narratives and our art.

We will explore issues of race, culture, migration, diaspora, belonging, and identity through personal narratives, poetry, short stories, sketches, and other forms of art/expression

If you are a self-identifying East African Youth (ages 16-35) with something to say then we want your voice to join ours in SpeakSudan’s first print Magazine launching in the beginning of 2013.

Please visit our website and click submit in the top left corner to contribute poetry, sketches, photography, short stories, sociopolitical commentary and other creative pieces.

Please keep written submissions under 1500 words and make sure to read and adhere to our submission guidelines and our non discriminatory mission of values.

Complete submission guidelines can be found at:



SpeakSudan Board of Directors






Thanks for submitting this! We actually promoted you call for submissions back in September on our own, but this definitely helps remind folks to submit and signal boost.

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