POC ZINE PROJECT — do you all do an online distro?
do you all do an online distro? — Asked by Anonymous

Hi Anon,

Thanks for writing. No, we are not an online distro. Our focus is on being an advocacy platform and publishing original zine series that are developed to affect change within specific communities by partnering with individuals and organizations already doing great work.

We (among other things) spotlight zines and zine distros by people of color on our digital platforms and through zine partnerships during events, such as our recent 12-city tour. 

During the Race Riot! tour, we had a Race Riot! Mall (long table/s) filled with zines by people of color available to all attendees for purchase, with many of them for free.

If you are looking to purchase zines by people of color, let us know where you’re located so we can recommend IRL sources as well as online ones.

Browse our archive tag for recommendations. This tag reflects some of the zines we purchased and/or received as donations for our archive.

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