POC ZINE PROJECT — Help POC Zine Project find a publishing partner for the poverty zine series

Help POC Zine Project find a publishing partner for the poverty zine series

COMMUNITY: We need referrals to publishers who can help us print the first poverty zine series issue. Email daniela@dcapmedia.com or submit here.

Folks who actively support us finding a publisher will be credited on a special “thank you” page within the zine on on the upcoming resource website.


We want to print an initial release of 500 copies of a 30 page zine (equivalent of 8-10 pieces of letter sized paper folded to 30 pages, double sided).

The zines need to be printed on waterproof material so that they are durable and withstand being exposed to the elements (we want to be realistic about community needs - a paper zine won’t work).


We received an initial quote of over 10k. This is unrealistic for us, at around $20 per zine. We are hoping to get in-kind donations or a significant discount, which we would use in conjunction with funds raised through a publishing partner network.


1. Recommend and connect us with potential publishers! We’re especially eager to partner with independent publishers with a history of supporting community-based movements addressing poverty.

2. If you are an individual, or part of a university/collective/etc. who can support fundraising efforts for publishing the poverty zine series, contact Daniela at daniela@dcapmedia.com.

She will explain the process and detail the mutually beneficial outcomes of collaborating as part of this publishing partner network.


The zines will be given away for free through DIY distribution partners nationwide, including participating agencies that serve populations living at or below the poverty line. This series will also be available as paper-based zines that anyone can reproduce and share, and available as an e-zine and (coming soon) website.

POC Zine Project is a grassroots advocacy platform. We do not have a consistent source of funding and this is intentional. We are for finding solutions by building community with like-minded individuals and organizations.

Please share! #signalboost ♥ Thank you.

- POC Zine Project

P.S. We are still looking for submissions from people (of any background) who have experience living at or below the poverty line. Click here for submission criteria and please share this with anyone you know who might be interested in participating.

We are especially eager to include stories from folks affected by Hurricane Sandy.

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