POC ZINE PROJECT — HOW-TO: Getting the most out of the POC Zine Project Tumblr

HOW-TO: Getting the most out of the POC Zine Project Tumblr

Content on this Tumblr is broken up into categories:

Community SubmissionBookmark this tag to stay informed on all the POC zines submitted by POC to our Tumblr.

Zine Spotlight: Bookmark this tag to find POC zines featured by POCZP.

Zinester Spotlight: Bookmark this tag to meet POC zinesters featured by POCZP.

Archive: These are the zines POCZP has added and/or is in the process of adding to our physical and digital archive. We recommend that librarians check this tag frequently.

The contents of this tag does not reflect our entire archive. If you have questions about the POCZP archive, email daniela@dcapmedia.com. We are in the process of making our archive available online.

QuestionsThis tag aggregates questions we’ve received, as well as our responses.

Community SpotlightBookmark this tag to stay informed on all the people and projects we’re excited about. This tag tracks content that isn’t necessarily about zines.

Call for Submissions: Bookmark this tag to stay informed about calls for submissions for zines by people of color.

Zine Events: Bookmark this tag to stay informed on POC Zine Project’s past and upcoming events worldwide. 

Scene Report: Bookmark this tag for zine and community events we’ve attended and/or are helping out through signal boosts.


We will be updating the Zine Events and Scene Report tags over the next few weeks with archived and new updates.

As new tags are created and used, we’ll share information with y’all <3

- POC Zine Project

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