POC ZINE PROJECT — … We spoke to audiences in university conference...

… We spoke to audiences in university conference rooms, anarchist bookstores, coffeehouses and cafes, independent art galleries and studios, punk houses and DIY venues.

It was a truly amazing experience that reconnected me profoundly with love and rage.

It was amazingly humbling to interact with people who had encountered my zines in the last fifteen years…” - Mimi Thi Nguyen shares her experience as a member of the 2012 Race Riot! tour

Read the full post on THREAD & CIRCUITS.


2013 Southwest/West Coast Race Riot Tour update

We are in the process of finalizing our tour route and dates.

If you are interested in the Race Riot! tour coming to your city in 2013 - and want to help make it happen - contact us through the Ask form or email daniela@dcapmedia.com.

Be sure to include the city you’re reppin’ and a way to contact you.

- POC Zine Project

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