POC ZINE PROJECT — COMMUNITY SPOTLIGHT: Support OOMK, a new zine by Muslim female artists

COMMUNITY SPOTLIGHT: Support OOMK, a new zine by Muslim female artists

OOMK's fundraiser video is super DIY-cute, and looks like it was a lot of fun to animate:

Music by Vivian Girls - Tell the World

Message from the OOMK team to POCZP: 

OOMK zine is nearly here but we need a little help to get it on its way!

Featuring the work of 25 women, OOMK is set to be a highly visual small press publication. The zine explores the imaginations, creativity and spirituality of women and our first issue is packed with activist and feminist work from a range of different women. 

We’re really keen to share the thoughts of young active, creative women, especially Muslim women, like ourselves, who don’t really get heard. We’ve finished putting issue 1 together and its looking great, but we need to raise £800 to get 300 copies printed.

We’ve set up this fundraising page to help us reach our target: http://www.pleasefund.us/projects/oomk-zine

OOMK is a submissions based zine and future issues will be open to all to submit work.

We need your help to get the word out and to reach our target!





The Team:

Rose Nordin: Graphic Designer and MA Design student (isamok.tumblr.com)
Sofia Niazi: Illustrator and MA Design student (www.sofianiazi.co.uk)
Sabba Khan: Architect and freelancer (cosmicsabba.tumblr.com)


We’re into it! Join us in making a donation, if you can spare any amount <3

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