POC ZINE PROJECT — COMMUNITY SPOTLIGHT: Sistah to Sistah: A Road Trip Fundraiser to Support Ovarian Psycos

COMMUNITY SPOTLIGHT: Sistah to Sistah: A Road Trip Fundraiser to Support Ovarian Psycos

40 hours left to go!

NOLA Bike Project Ladies, Trans and Sissy volunteers gathering donations for the Ovarian Psycos Cycle Brigade to open a bike co-op in Boyle Heights.

Donation link: http://www.indiegogo.com/LTS2OPB

What’s the Deal

The Ovarian Psycos all-womyn of color bike collective is trying to open a community bike shop in Boyle Heights, Los Angeles next year. The Ladies, Trans, & Sissies contingent of the New Orleans Community Bike Project (Plan B) http://bikeproject.org/ is planning a cross-country road trip to raise additional funds, awareness, and support them as they prepare to open the shop. 

Short Summary

Tracey and Alisha, (the sissy contingent), two womyn bike mechanics, will be travelling cross-country in January 2013, visiting bike shops and collectives along the way to gather donations and generate support for the Ovarian Psycos. 

Contributors will receive nifty Ovarian Psycos swag! Buttons! Stickers! T-shirts! Awesomeness! Really! 

The Impact

The Ovarian Psycos are empowering underrepresented communities. By teaching women and trans individuals how to build and repair bikes, a field traditionally dominated by white males, they’re directly challenging racism and patriarchy, and encouraging women to gain autonomy and build community, and mentor other young women. This shop is absolutley necessary and long overdue.

If you can’t contribute money or supplies, you can still help by spreading the word about Ovarian Psycos.


Message from Tracey Brown:

If 18 people give $10 (which come on we spend money all day on random shit that has the ability to support change i.e. buying booze, ciggs, comics, toys ;), and other randomness) we will have hit our goal! come my POC people, my Allies, my QPOC, my queers, and everything in between! DONATE! 

COMMUNITY: Help us signal boost and if you can make a donation, please do <3 POCZP founder Daniela will be making a donation as well.

Support POC creating culture and active forms of resistance.

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