POC ZINE PROJECT — Legacy Series update and call for support

Legacy Series update and call for support


Due to many factors, we will be rolling out FIRE!! in segments as we continue with scanning. We’ll share the first section soon.  We’ll also make the full version available as one item at the end of the scanning process. Thank you for your patience.

POCZP is a 100% volunteer, DIY entity and we do our best to create as much change — and provide as much inspiration as possible — with very few resources.


If you would like to contribute funds toward Legacy Series research and production, here’s how:

DONATE link via PayPal: http://bit.ly/SHdmyh

You can also send well-concealed cash or a check! Email daniela@dcapmedia.com for details or if you have questions.

We are also still looking for volunteers to help with reviewing and providing historical context/research for each legacy zine.

Use the submission form and include the following information (none of it will be published publicly, this is for internal use only):

- Name (anonymous volunteering won’t work at this time)

- Location (city and state)

- Email to contact you

- Any initial questions you may have

- Approximate hours per week you can devote toward reviewing legacy zines and researching topics

- A brief history of your contributions to zine culture and/or your academic/volunteer/professional work

- Links to three writing samples (they don’t have to be about zines)

If you’re not a regular Tumblr user and don’t want to apply though the form, email your info to daniela@dcapmedia.com.

Thank you for your support. If you don’t have time to volunteer or funds to contribute, please help the cause by signal boosting this call for support.


- POC Zine Project

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