POC ZINE PROJECT — POC Zine Project reaches 1,000 Tumblr followers

POC Zine Project reaches 1,000 Tumblr followers <3

What a difference a year makes …

POC Zine Project reaches 1,000 followers on Tumblr! Thank you for your support! We launched this Tumblr back in July of 2012, as part of our community outreach for the 2012 Race Riot! tour and to connect with poc zinesters and allies.

POCZP was founded in 2010 and we took our time with Tumblr. For two years, we simply listened. When the time was right, we revealed ourselves in this space and it has been an incredibly empowering and affirming experience ever since.


Our second 14-city tour is this fall (confirmed dates coming soon!). We’re connecting with people and holding events through the Southwest and West Coast, including (but not limited to) Atlanta, New Orleans, Austin, Los Angeles, Sacramento and Seattle.

If we were to come to your town, what are the POC run/led spaces that have a history of serving communities of color? We are committed to to holding every event on this tour in a POC-affirming space. Tell us in the reblog note or send us a message.

Since we’re still finalizing our tour cities and dates, we are open to suggestions. If you’re down to help us organize an event as part of our second Race Riot! tour in YOUR city, let us know!


POC Zine Project

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