COMMUNITY SUBMISSION: Spit & Rip Zine (January 2013)

Spit & Rip Zine (January 2013)

TITLE: Spit & Rip Zine

CREATOR: Bernie Button 

RELEASE: January, 2013

ORIGIN: San Diego, CA, USA

ORDER DETAILS: Available at Etsy Shop, PaperMulatta


I am a 25 year old mixed (black & white) girl on the west coast. Basically I was super hype about the selection of zines available on the net, UNTIL I realized that most of them don’t come from my perspective: a struggling minority womanist. So I’m trying to help fill in that gap. Writing is thinking, so I’m just plotting the universe with you guys. Hope you enjoy. 

SAY HI: Buttonface.tumblr.com


Editor’s Note: A “Community Submission” post results from a POC submitting their own zine to be featured on the POC Zine Project Tumblr. If you would like to share your zine with the POC Zine Project community, here’s how to do it

When you submit, feel free to add some background, a description of your work and art and your mission statement. If you just send us the name of your zine, we’ll simply link back to a source for purchasing it and use the language you already have on your site. 

As long as the zine was created/co-created by a person of color, we will always share Community Submissions. Enjoy!

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