POC ZINE PROJECT — fuck yes i just discovered your project. can i get some zines sent to michigan?
fuck yes i just discovered your project. can i get some zines sent to michigan? — Asked by Anonymous

Hi Anon,

Thanks for writing! We don’t mean to pick on you but are the 100th person in the past few months that has asked this (in a similar way), so we are using this question as an example so that we can effectively help folks with similar requests.

1) We are a 100% volunteer group, so when you don’t provide any way to (outside of Tumblr) communicate with you about your requests, it makes it really hard for us to practice the kind of advocacy we want to do within our limited time. Please provide a way to reach you when you first contact us (phone #, email, website, etc.) so that we don’t waste time trying to figure this out.

2) We have repeatedly stated that we are not a distro and our About page outlines what we do/what we offer. We are a 100% volunteer group with no funding source, so when we get general requests to “send zines to X” we really need more information before dedicating time and financial resources to that request.

“Can I get some zines” doesn’t tell us the following:

1) Is this a personal request for yourself? Because if so, we are not a distro. We can point you to POC-run & ally distros to get zines, and we do offer zines when we table on tour, but we are not a distro and it’s not financially smart for us to operate in that manner at this time.

2) Is this a request on behalf of an organization or collective? If so, we need to know the who/what/where/when/why so we can make the best decision based on our resources and time. It also helps to state if the org has funding to compensate us in any fashion - again, we are not a funded group. We are raising $10,000 between now and 2015 for the National Zinester Conference and need to be very careful about how we spend donations and our own funds.

3) What kind of zines are you talking about - what topics specifically do you need addressed, and are you looking for particular titles?

Grassroot efforts like ours do a better job at thriving when people make an effort to communicate efficiently. We are still learning how to be solid communicators, so we definitely understand making mistakes. In the future, please give us more information than “can i get some zines sent to michigan?” so that we can accurately assess if that’s something that is possible. <3

- POC Zine Project

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