POC ZINE PROJECT — Just last month, Hatton was named Midwest...

Just last month, Hatton was named Midwest coordinator of The POC Zine Project, a nationwide organization dedicated to making zines by people of color easy to find and enjoy.

“Joyce embodies somebody with a lot of strength and a lot of courage. And frankly, she’s also somebody who’s in a position to do a lot of good where she is at,” said Daniela Capistrano, POC Zine Project’s executive director/founder.

Big thanks to Diane Miller of the High Plains Reader for covering POCZP efforts in the Midwest.

Read more: http://hpr1.com/arts/article/zines_an_inside_look/

COMMUNITY: Learn more about POCZP internship & volunteer opportunities here. We are still accepting applications. 

If you are interested in POCZP leading a workshop or other event in collaboration with your organization - worldwide - email poczineproject@gmail.com.

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