POC ZINE PROJECT — SCENE REPORT [MIDWEST]: Fargo-Moorhead Zine Fest organizing is coming along nicely!

SCENE REPORT [MIDWEST]: Fargo-Moorhead Zine Fest organizing is coming along nicely!


Fargo-Moorhead Zine Fest was created by POCZP Midwest Coordinator Joyce Hatton. The fest goes down September 7th, 2013.

For more information, visit fargomoorheadzinefest.tumblr.com and “like” facebook.com/FargoMoorheadZineFest.

By Joyce Hatton, POCZP Midwest Coordinator

Exciting news! There will be a screening of the movie “Rez” directed by Dominique DeLeon.  After the screening, there will be a Q&A with members of the crew. “Rez” tells the story of a young Anishinaabe teen who is caring for his younger sister on the Leech Lake reservation in Minnesota. “Rez” was filmed in Cass Lake, MN, and the 17 cast members, 13 of them are from Cass Lake.  For more information, go to specialboyfilms.com.

Also: FMZF has a sponsor!  The Rourke Art Gallery Museum has offered the use of their museum to host community zine workshops.  There will be three per month during June, July and August.  This will be a great way to build up excitement and awareness about FMZF, as well as create many positive opportunities for community building.

This sponsorship from the Rourke is very exciting and gratifying.  I began organizing in January, and this is only the second solid outcome I’ve had as a result of my outreach efforts.  A huge part of organizing is persistence!  At times the lack of response to emails and phone calls was very frustrating.  There were some false starts, opportunities that were unworkable due to time or location constraints, or other unknown issues.

The goal is that FMZF be a diverse event, meaning: people of many different races, ethnicities, cultures, religions, genders, sexuality, and classes have knowledge of the event, feel comfortable attending FMZF, and have had an opportunity to make a zine prior to and/or during the event so that each person feels zines are accessible to them and therefore feel included. It is hard work to make this happen! But it’s worth it!

How can you help?  

  • Consider tabling at FMZF! There is no formal process of applying currently. There will be eventually, most likely in July.  If you think you might be interested and want to get on the radar, or to find out more info, check out fargomoorheadzinefest.tumblr.com or send an email.
  • FMZF needs a logo and a poster. If you might are interested, please email fargomoorheadzinefest at gmail dot com.  FMZF believes all work is worthy of wages, either cash or barter, FYI.  However, this is a labor of love with a small purse, so… don’t quit your day job… ha.
  • Input toward developing a safer space statement would be very helpful. The more input, the better.  Because of a safe space can be so hard to visualize/define/implement, I think it would be helpful to keep language as actionable as possible.  As an example, instead of “respect each other’s boundaries” which leaves a person wondering “well, how do I do that?” a more actionable phrasing is “don’t touch people or their possessions without asking.”  Feel free to email suggestions or tips (again, fargomoorheadzinefest at gmail dot com) or start up a conversation on the Facebook page.





Fargo-Moorhead Zine Fest activities will include: zine sales, zine trades, zine tutorials, kids activities and speakers.

Event is free and open to the public.  This is a kid-friendly event.  Tabling fee is 15 dollars.  A supporter has offered to pay part or all of the tabling fee for people who are unable to afford it.  Volunteers/co-planners needed.  Amazing swag bags will be your reward! 

Fargo-Moorhead Zine Fest was created with the goal of educating people of all ages about zines. In addition to being just plain awesome to read and make, zines have enormous potential for self-empowerment, raising self-esteem, healthy self-expression, and promoting literacy.

Zines are an inexpensive and easily distributable way to express ideas, showcase art or photography, or invite discussion on a topic. Zines have been around in various forms since the invention of the printing press. FMZF was founded by Joyce Hatton, Midwest Coordinator of the POC Zine Project.

Email fargomoorheadzinefest at gmail dot com for more information.




We are looking for representatives in every state, as well as regional  support, as we build toward the National POC Zinester & Ally Conference/Convergence. Ideally you have some experience with organizing events and building community, but experience is not required. All are welcome. Priority will be given to people of color who apply but allies are definitely welcome.

Contact poczineproject@gmail.com for more details with “regional coordinator and internship info” as the subject line.

If you are outside the U.S. and want to be a part of our emerging POCZP Global Ambassadors program, email poczineproject@gmail.com as well to stay informed as opportunities arise.


If everyone in our community gave $1, we would more than meet our fundraising goal for 2013. If you have it to spare, we appreciate your support. All funds go to our 2013 tour, the Legacy Series and the poverty zine series.

DONATE link via PayPal: http://bit.ly/SHdmyh

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