POC ZINE PROJECT — This Zine Was Made Entirely On A Mobile Phone

This Zine Was Made Entirely On A Mobile Phone

From POCZP founder Daniela:

What if—while processing an idea or enjoying an event—you could fairly quickly & easily make a zine about what you were experiencing on your phone and then share it that same day?

This zine experiment was inspired by real-time news gathering practices and young people. It didn’t work out exactly as I had planned, but it was exciting to explore different possibilities. In part one of this series, I’ll share one of three methods I uncovered: Here is the experimental perzine I made using my mobile device called “Cat Genie Vol. 2: Chola Fruitz“:

[DESCRIPTION: Chola Fruitz is an experimental perzine and a dream-like reflection on group travel, subverting Chola identity tropes, Queer Chicana identity and the evolution of self. Daniela made it in an hour while sitting on her couch, using images she edited within her phone using two mobile apps]

Learn how to make your own zine using just your phone on Daniela’s Lair, plus access her thoughts on the pros and cons to mobile device zine-making workflows. 

Excerpt from the full guide:

3) The Lazy Artist Factor: Part of the fun and empowerment of making a zine by hand (and offline) is that you can explore your creativity and develop your design skills. Experimenting with layouts, collages and other techniques as part of a print zine workflow can be a really satisfying experience. You miss out on that experience by just using the provided templates in apps, to a significant degree. If everyone used the same zine-making templates, all zines would start to look the same, which would be a bummer.



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