April 2013

High Plains Reader: Zines: an inside look

Moorhead-resident recently named the Midwest POC Zine Project Coordinator

February 2013

GRRLPROBS review our panel at L.A. Zine Fest: 

Marginalization sparks activism. Minorities from all backgrounds encounter confrontations about ethnicity, cultural expectations, socio-econonic status, sexuality, and gender norms. The fine folks of the People of Color Zine Project(POCZP), spoke openly about their personal journeys in making sense of being a person of color in the punk culture. The panel was composed of some truly inspirational people including: Cristy C. Road, Suzy X, Chula Doula, Osa Atoe, Mariam Bastani, and Tomas Moniz aka Rad Dad. The POCZP, shared their insight about self-discovery and figuring out ones identity in relation to the world around them. Check out more of their Race Riot Tour and read more about them, they’re bona-fied badasses. 

January 2013

Lambda Literary Foundation

Colorlines: ‘Anarchy in the Archives: POC Zine Project Brings Punks of Color to the Academy’

The Verge 


[Lisa] Darms says it’s important to her that the collection not simply focus on the “famous” riot grrrls. “I want everyone who identified in any small way with Riot Grrrl during the period 1989-2006 to feel they can be part of the collection, regardless of whether they were cheerleaders of critics of the movement,” she tells me. One recent addition is a donation of zines from “zine superstar Mimi Thi Nguyen in collaboration with the People of Color Zine Project.”

October 2012

From the Mouth of the Lion


September 2012

Gapers Block

August 2012


BITCH MAGAZINE - BiblioBitch: PoC Zine Project


Folks of color doing important, critically engaged, and beautiful things often get overlooked or under appreciated, and we’re left with a room full of white people selling zines about their cats. Now, I have nothing against that, but when you have new compelling material that is just being shoved under the table, someone has to do something about it. We need visibility, representation, and the ability to reach out to others. This is where things get exciting.

The PoC zine project has already done so much vital work for zine communities all over the place, including panels, Internet archiving, and events, and if you read my interview with Cristy C. Road two weeks ago, you might remember her mentioning that she’ll be touring with the PoC Zine Project in the fall.

Yes, that’s right, they’re curating a travelling zine exhibition, and if you’re as ready for this as I am (and if you happen to be somewhere around the East Coast), find them. Speakers and tour members include, of course, Daniela Capistrano, the founder of PoC Zine Project, Current TV producer, and media literacy activist, Cristy C. Road, artist, writer, badass, and dreamboat; Mimi Thi Nguyen, a professor, author, activist, and creator of the Race Riot zine series; and Osa Atoe, author, musician and creator of Shotgun Seamstress zine series. Other rad people of color are still to be announced.

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