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March 8th & 9th, 2013: Inclusivity at CZF 2013


An anonymous survey taker said in regards to CZF’s inclusivity: I think organizing a poc-specific zine branch of any kind is too much like segregation, even if the organizers’ hearts were in the right place. It’s not inclusion to specify the skin color of authors and it was already an extremely welcoming place to be for everyone involved, making the poc zine thing redundant.

CZF response: There may be some misunderstanding about the POC zine groups that were present/involved in Chicago Zine Fest 2013, so we wanted to clear that up. Two groups tabled at/participated in CZF that had POC in their names: the POC Zine Project, and Chi-POC. Both of these groups are self-identified and named themselves as well as providing their own bios with self-identifications to be read in introduction at the Exhibitor Reading, and they are autonomous entities that are not associated with the CZF organizers; we would never presume to categorize or label anyone! We support both groups and the rights of all zinesters who self-identify as POC to do so, as well as the reasons behind each group’s choice to use POC in their names and do what they do.

We highly recommend checking out both of these projects to find out more about them in their own words:

POC Zine Project: poczineproject.tumblr.com

Chi POC: onstruggling.tumblr.com

*We will be publicly responding to a few of the anonymous comments made in our Post CZF 2013 Participant/Attendee Survey here over the next couple of weeks in order to foster transparency and dialogue. Please contact us if you have any comments or questions!

We appreciate CZF organizers putting this statement out there. We had a great time  presenting and tabling at CZF, while affirming & supporting zinesters of color. Advocacy engines/platforms for poc zinesters will never be “redundant” as long as institutional racism exists in zine & DIY communities - oh yes, and in everything else. #boom #muchlove


2013 Chicago Zine Fest recap: POC Zine Project edition + watch us receive Quimby’s Long Arm Stapler Award!

On March 8, 2013, POC Zine Project received the 2013 Long Arm Stapler Award bestowed by Quimby’s Bookstore during Chicago Zine Fest.

[If you watch the video until the very end, you will be rewarded with a geeky surprise <3]

POCZP touring members who attended CZF this year were POCZP founder Daniela Capistrano, Mimi Thi Nguyen, Osa Atoe, Adzua-Gette (who co-produces kWUEEN sHADEZ zine) and Suzy X. We also met up with Tomas Moniz (Rad Dad zine), who participated in our panel at this year’s L.A. Zine Fest

Spotted: Reunited and it feels so good! #czf2013 #poczines

Quimby’s Bookstore before the Long Arm Stapler Award ceremony: Tomas Moniz, Mimi Thi Nguyen, Osa Atoe, Ashley, Antonio and Donte (who helped organize/supported our #raceriottour event in 2012 at multikulti in Chicago)

Suzy X. and @inzombia Mimi Thi Nguyen listen to @shotgunseamstress present at #czf2013 #poczines

Suzy X and Mimi Thi Nguyen sit with the audience during Osa Atoe’s portion of our presentation at #CZF2013 

Check out more photos in the slideshow at the bottom of this post.

POCZP presented “Lessons from the 2012 ‘Race Riot!’ Tour" at Chicago Zine Fest, which is referenced in this video. You can view the prezi from that event here, which discloses financial information about last year’s tour:

After our presentation we had plenty of time to continue tabling and connecting with other folks supporting #poczines.

We're at #czf2013 y'all xo

Daniela, Mimi, Osa and Adzua-Gette tabling at #CZF2013

Here are just some of the POC and allies we reconnected with at CZF who we are looking forward to collaborating with this year and beyond:

Marya Errin Jones, zinster/producer of ABQ Zine Fest 

Marya is going to support our 2013 Race Riot! tour date/logistics in Albuquerque, New Mexico! Read her open letter Quentin Tarantino, you won’t regret it.

Ryan J Eilbeckmusician and writer

It was great to see Ryan again. He helped us organize our 2012 Race Riot! tour date in Columbus.

Chaun Webster from Minneapolis, Founder and Director of Free Poet’s Press 

This was our first time meeting Chaun, who told Daniela in a conversation about empowering POC through independent media creation that "zines are the mixtape of the publishing world."

We look forward to exploring a possible collaboration with Chaun.

COMMUNITY: If you met us at #CZF2013 and would like to further discuss possible collaborations or have any questions, let us know! poczineproject@gmail.com. 


In the slideshow below are a few more snapshots from our time at this year’s Chicago Zine Fest <3 Big thanks & love to all the CZF organizers for inviting us back for the second year in a row and producing such an amazing event.


POC Zine Project held it’s first-ever Race Riot! Tour in 2012, producing 20 events in 14 cities, which included speaking engagements at six universities. 

View photos from the POC Zine Project: 2012 Race Riot! Tour tour finale at Death By Audio in Brooklyn and access all the tour stop recaps here: 

We will be taking the Race Riot! tour through 12 more cities in 2013. Stay tuned for updates!


We are a 100% volunteer entity. If everyone in our community gave $1, we would more than meet our fundraising goals for the 2013 poverty zine series and the second leg of our Race Riot! tour. If you have it to spare, we appreciate your support.

DONATE link via PayPal: http://bit.ly/SHdmyh

You can also send well-concealed cash or a check!
Email poczineproject@gmail.com for details or if you have questions.

Info about the poverty zine series:


Quimby’s Long Arm Stapler Award is an annual honor bestowed upon a group or individual dedicated to self-publishing and the first amendment. Each year’s recipient must show the following qualities:

+ enthusiasm for and commitment to self -publishing, which includes active participation + at some level of self-publishing.
+ cause for inspiration within other self-publishers.
+ a high level of quality in output.


Suzy X is a Florida-bred Latina, radical nanny, cartoonist behind Riot Grrrl Problems and Rookie Mag. Sings in feminist revengecore band Shady Hawkins . She is also the creator of “Malcriada”

Suzy X is a 2013 Chicago Zine Fest Invited Guest. Find Suzy X at Chicago Zine Fest’s Exhibitor Reading, March 8 at 826 CHI from 7 - 9 pm. She will also be tabling at CZF’s Zine Exhibition, March 9 from 11 am - 6 pm at Columbia College Chicago.

She can be found on Twitter.

Heeeeeeey <3 Go Suzy X!

Suzy X is just one of several POC Zine Project members who will be tabling at CZF this year! We’re also doing a roundtable discussion entitled “Lessons from the Race Riot.” Details coming soon!


TOUR WITH US - If you’re a POC zinester and/or activist who would like to be a guest reader during our 2013 tour, contact poczineproject@gmail.com.

BE A U.S STATE/COUNTRY LEVEL COORDINATOR - We are looking for individuals (can be part of a collective or other org) to lead POCZP initiatives in each U.S. state. Contact poczineproject@gmail.com for details.

Anyone is welcome to participate. We reserve the right to prioritize applications from people of color <3

Stay tuned for updates as we work on partnering with POC-affirming orgs overseas. If you are outside the U.S. and want to be a part of our emerging POCZP Global Ambassadors program, email poczineproject@gmail.com. 

Until we can secure enough volunteer translators, the ability to write and speak English is required.

INTERN/VOLUNTEER - If you’re a student and/or someone looking for new opportunities to give back while receiving a lot in return, learn more about our internships here.