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COMMUNITY SUBMISSION: Unsewing My Lips #1, a zine is about self-care and defense

This is atiah*’s first zine, and our first Community Submission from London, so we wanted to honor both things by sharing an excerpt with you now:

Hello days and nights in.

Hello intentional communities. Hello studying. Hello parents. Hello zining. Hello drawing. Hello parallel play and study groups. Hello collaborative journalling.

Hello black feminist queers, who may or may not be dykes. Hello visibility and audibility. Hello cis, ableist, class, education, nationality/ citizenship/ status privilege acknowledgement. Hello wholesome cooking. Hello pottering around in the garden. Hello poking around in the soil.

Hello walking amongst trees.

Hello foraging. Hello garlic on my windowsill. Hello rustling leaves. Hello books. Hello breath.

Hello LIFE.

TITLE: Unsewing My Lips (you can download for free!)

RELEASE: Summer 2012

CREATOR: atiah z

ORIGIN: London, England


My first zine is about self care and defence:

"SELF CARE! coming to voice, recovery from abuses of intimacy, hair, looking after myself, celibacy, abstinence, ending my silence, fear, learning, confidence, creating, dropping out of “The” “Anarchist” scene, London, friends, Queer People of Colour, trees <3"

In general, I write about a variety of stuff; most recently I’ve been writing poetry about queer a/sexuality & abstinence. I guess I write about my experiences.

I feel a gaping absence of blackness in my life. I’m enjoying my increasing afrocentricism, but — as dear to me as my black friends are and as much as I love my own company — it’s a bit lonely at the moment.

I’ll be recruiting for rad queers of colour to add to my friends’ circle at the London Queer Zine Fest, on 8th December, where I have half a table.


KEYWORDS: self-care, self-defence, survivor, abuses of intimacy, recovery, celibacy, ending my silence, speaking out, speak out, coming to voice, personal, perzine, race, zine, zines

WHERE TO BUY AND COST: £2 (for print - digital is free) or trades welcome.

SAY HI: Email queerly[@]riseup.net for details of where to send well-concealed cash, or you can buy from the zine distro at 56a Infoshop (Elephant & Castle, South London).

In the interest of sharing this widely, POCZP has made it possible to easily read Unsewing My Lips #1 within this post. Please consider contacting atiah to purchase a print version or to trade!


Editor’s Note: A “Community Submission” post results from POC folk submitting their own zine to be featured on the POC Zine Project Tumblr. If you would like to share your zine with the POC Zine Project community, here’s how to do it.

When you submit, feel free to add some background, a description of your work and art and your mission statement. If you just send us the name of your zine, we’ll simply link back to a source for purchasing it and use the language you already have on your site.

As long as the zine was created/co-created by a person of color, we will always share Community Submissions. Enjoy!

*atiah prefers to remain anonymous. POCZP accepts anonymous submissions and zine donations from POC. Click here for submission guidelines.

Hey! I came to the Death By Audio event this Sunday and was super inspired by all the readings, that I am creating my own 'zine! As a young radical latina womynist growing up in bushwick and the lower east side, I want to share my experiences, challenges and reflections with a larger community. I'm really excited about the POC zine project, and I read on the homepage that y'all are compiling stories from the tour and I would like to contribute.. so let me know how to do that, thanks! -ingrid — Asked by Anonymous

Hi Anon aka Ingrid!

Thanks for sharing you feedback on our Race Riot! tour finale at DBA! Anyone who attended any of our tour dates and/or participated as a volunteer, performer, zine partner or ally can contribute by emailing daniela@dcapmedia.com and putting “RACE RIOT TOUR ZINE” in the subject line. 

We’re in the middle of figuring out content and format, so as people reach out we’ll group their interests and contribution suggestions by topic and then share the bigger picture with everyone when we’re ready.

Also, we’re psyched to hear you’re going to create your own zine! Please consider submitting it to our archive when you’re ready and letting us know when it’s available so we can help signal boost. <3


COMMUNITY SPOTLIGHT: Brooklyn Queer Support

We love zines and self-care equally. Thank you, Brooklyn Queer Support, for compiling these resources for NYC’s LGBTQ folks and allies. <3


1) The following spreadsheet contains a list of LGBTQ-friendly therapists and organizations that provide mental health services. Many of them are sliding-scale. The 2 tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet will allow you to look at individual therapists and organizations.


2) The following document contains a huge number of resources for trans and gender non-conforming people in the greater New York City area (including Brooklyn). This includes 24/7 phone support hotlines, survivor services,
health care, housing/shelter, mental health, substance abuse counseling, and a lot of other services.


Source: Brooklyn Queer Support


Join the google group to stay informed:

"Brooklyn Queer Support is a volunteer-run, non-professional, free, peer-support group with rotating pairs of queer moderators. Support meetings will be open to all queer-identified (or LGBTQ — with actual understanding of the "TQ") or queer-questioning people. This is a completely grassroots effort that began in early July of 2012 in response to two suicides in the local queer/trans community."

Point of awareness: The Queer Commons

PLEASE REBLOG! Nearly There: A Queer POC Zine


PLEASE REBLOG! Nearly There: A Queer POC Zine

What: Nearly There is a zine project meant to address the serious absence and silencing of stories about the experiences of queer people of color. After years of going to zine fests, libraries, bookstores looking for queer zines and POC zines and finding few to none, after years of existing as a queer woman of color and being sidelined in all those communities, and after years of always hearing about a potential zine project like this waiting for someone else to start it, the time is right for us to begin showcasing and prioritizing our own shit. This is for those of us who occupy the spaces of both queer and of color (along with all our other identities), this project is about creating an arena where we can listen and be heard, find commonality and difference, and leave a mark in the making of our own queer history and POC history. I want your stories, art, poetry, everything!

Who: Knowing full well that for many of us, terms like queer or LGBTQ+ often do not and cannot truly measure who we are but being limited by the lack of other terms, this project is for, by, and about queer/LGBTQ+ people of color including those of us who are low-income/working class, 1st/1.5/2nd/3rd generation im/migrants, city based, Mestiz@, Chican@, rural based, bi/multi racial or mixed, undocumented, same-gender-lovin, formerly or currently incarcerated, parents, dark skinned, from any spiritual background, college educated, butch, femme, aggs, street-involved, etc, etc, etc.

Theme: For this first issue, the theme is relatively open and inclusive of any issue, concern, or interest of queer POC. Ideally looking for submissions about in/visibility in queer and POC communities, discourses on coming/being out or not, finding and creating queer POC spaces, and more. Email me with your questions!

Submit: stories, poetry, non-fiction (in any format), drawings, photos, raps, and portraits, rants, quotes, essays, etc.

Send submissions and inquiries to:   nearlytherezine@gmail.com

Deadline: August 1st 2012

This sounds awesome! Let us know how we can help and we definitely want to purchase copies when they are available.