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FREE RIDE UPDATE: SLC Queer/Feminist Zine Fest 2012

Hi y’all,

The submission deadline was October 25, so we are no longer reviewing applications from folks to attend the SLC Queer/Feminist Zine Fest on November 10. All those who submitted prior to the deadline and met the criteria will be sponsored, and have been notified.

We know this sponsorship offering limited who could participate (we’re 100% DIY and volunteer). We were only able to sponsor POC folks who could get to NYC on their own and we agreed to cover their travel to SLC and back to the NYC pickup point.

It’s clear that many of you in other states are interested in attending zine fests, and need help with covering the costs. 

We hope that zine fest organizers and zine librarians at academic institutions consider this need for future events and how financial hardship prevents some people from participating. By combining funding sources from different departments and partnering with the on-campus zine fest or community zine fest to do additional fundraising, it is possible to offer a few sponsorships.

We would especially like to see more POC attend these events. 

It’s important to build community and work through class struggle together. With that in mind, we will be offering sponsorship to some folks - REGARDLESS OF WHERE THEY LIVE IN THE WORLD - to attend our first national poc zinester + ally conference in 2014. Stay tuned for updates.


COMMUNITY: If you would like to see more zine fests and other DIY events help combat class struggle by working in sponsorships, reblog this post and add the name of the fest or event you’d like to see this happen at and why this is important to you.

If you have time, be sure to also contact the organizers directly and ask them to create a sponsorship program so that some folks facing financial hardship can attend and participate. We’ll do the same!


POC Zine Project