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COMMUNITY SPOTLIGHT: SouLar Bliss' List of Radical Self-Care and Community-Care Zine Resources

Here’s are just a few zines listed in this amazing roundup of resources:

  • Mindful Occupation: Rising Up Without Burning Out
    This booklet focuses on radical mental health, the #occupy movement, and mental and emotional support for people in action/protest/occupation situations.
  • Supporting a Survivor of Sexual Assault
    An incredible zine for folks who are supporting survivors! created by UBUNTU. UBUNTU is a Durham-based movement, led by women of color and survivors of sexual assault, dedicated to creating a world without sexual violence. We are transforming the pain and rage of lived and relived victimization in our community into healing, connection, and leadership by embodying and demanding democratic community accountability, and creative social change. A sustaining, transformative love is the center of our work and the model of our movement.
  • An Activists Guide To First Aid by Black Cross First AID Health Collective
    “We believe that health care is political. The kind of care we do or don’t receive, where and how we receive, that care, who provides that care, who has access to training to provide care, and what kinds of trainings are smiled or frowned upon, all involve inherently political issues. We believe the system needs to be changed…the health care system right along with others. We’ve put this zine together mostly to go along with a first aid training. While doing the trainings we realized there was way more to say about first aid than we would have time to say it in. So we thought a little reading would maybe be helpful to y’all”
  • Path to Intimacy 1: Finding & Sharing Yourself in the Context of Your Relationships & Path to Intimacy 2: Conflict Resolution in the Context of Your Relations
    This zine explores how to connect with ourselves and our partners intentionally and authentically and how to deal with conflicts within relationships.

To get the full list, visit soularbliss.com. Each of the zines are downloadable and free <3

About SouLar Bliss creator, Adaku Utah:

Adaku Utah is an activist, healer, teacher and performance artist committed to nurturing authentic expression within people and transformative and healing community spaces.

She is a proud social justice co-consirator, committed love warrior and ever-evolving mover and shaker.

She is the founder of SouLar Bliss (www.soularbliss.com), a collective space to share, create, discuss recipes, remedies, rituals and resources to healing ourselves and communities whole.

Adaku has worked as the Social Change Initiatives Coordinator at the Illinois Caucus for Adolescent Health (ICAH), where she led ICAH in planning and implementing youth-adult partnership practices and coordinated state-wide sex education school board organizing initiatives.

She has also worked with Depaul University at the Center for Interreligious Engagement to organize events that promote mutual understanding between individuals and communities of different religions and with the Women and Gender Studies department to co-chair planning of Creating Solidarity, a conference designed to explore coalition building and consciousness across race, class, gender, and sexuality.

She currently works with Project SAFE as a project facilitator, training and supporting youth and adults in educating and organizing around sexual health and reproductive justice issues.

She is a recent recipient of the 2012 Sexuality Leadership Development Fellowship with the Africa Regional Sexuality Resource Centre in Lagos, Nigeria and is also a recent recipient of the Center for Whole Communities 2012 Whole Thinking Fellowship Award and a Featured Nominee for Girl Tank and MTV Voices 2012 10,000 Names in 100 Days.

She has been awarded the Chicago Foundation for Women’s Jessica Eve Patt Award, spending a year working with the foundation to organize capacity building programs for grantees and coordinate executive director roundtables.

Adaku has facilitated and co-chaired planning and implementation of numerous workshops, curriculums and conferences, including BE Change, Action Out Loud, The Revolution Starts With Me, Sustaining Ourselves; Sustaining Our Communities and Transformative Justice teach-in.

She has also performed and presented at numerous conferences including, Let’s Talk About Sex, Education for Liberation, and From Abortion Rights to Social Justice.

Adaku has served as Board Member of the Women and Girls Collective Action Network, the Founding Steering committee member and board member of the Chicago Freedom School, founding member of Females United for Action, Advocates for Youth‘s Young Women of Color Leadership council member, New Leaders Networking Initiative member and Sistersong NYC member Her social justice work is coupled with her inspiring performance art.

Her artistry is inspired by love, constructive rage, storytellers, acts of resistance, healing, nature, Nigeria and bridge building. She has performed at numerous venues nationally and internationally, including the Oprah Show, The American Dance Festival, Dance Theatre Workshop, Harlem Stage, FuseBox Festival, APAP conference, Arsht Center, Taste of Chicago and shared the stage with the likes of Black Eyed Peas, Oprah, Ne-yo, Meshell Ndegeocello.

She currently dances and teaches with award winning, critically acclaimed DecaDance Theatre…and collaborates with Faye Driscoll’s Modern Dance Group, Organic Magnetics, Motion Sickness, and Karma Mayet’s Indigo Blue’s Opera. In 2010 she premiered her first solo piece, Bringing Back Home, an exploration of love within her relationship with her mother as an out queer Nigerian woman.

She is currently expanding this work and plans to debut it 2012 in her hometown, Nigeria coupled with dialogues with mothers and daughters around sexuality, sexual health, motherhood and love. Adaku is committed to holding intentional space for people to authentically express and heal themselves.

She is currently training to be a wholistic herbalist and is a certified Re-evaluation counselor, Rape Victim Crisis Counselor, and HIV/AIDS testing counselor.

She has created and facilitated workshops around vision mapping, life mapping, dance as prayer, hip hop yoga, effective youth adult partnership, sex positive practices, reproductive justice, self care/love practices, intentional self and community care, meditative movement.

Her biggest goal in life is to live love in its fullest expression. She is a constant work in progress, striving for the highest good in herself and in others.

For workshop and performance inquiries, contact soularbliss@gmail.com.

So basically, she’s a bawse and we’re so happy that she is in the world, making change <3


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