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ZINE EVENT [CA]: East Bay Alternative Book and Zine Fest - Dec 8!

The 3rd Annual East Bay Alternative Book & Zine Fest (EBABZ)

Tomas Moniz (Rad Dad) and Rock Paper Scissors Collective members Ara, Jamie, Olivia and Crystal are responsible for this year’s East Bay Alternative Book and Zine Fest. Planned are tabling, speakers, workshops and an event proceeds from which will benefit RPS.

1001 Black Men is tabling (here’s their community submission to POCZP) at this year’s fest. We’re also excited about Endless Canvas, Jennie Yim, Rad Dad (obvs), and others. Check out the full list of folks who are tabling.


The 3rd Annual East Bay Alternative Book & Zine Fest (EBABZ) welcomes all zine-makers, cartoonists, self-publishers, and all DIY crafters. EBABZ is proud to host a panel of speakers and a handful of workshops celebrating the spirit of independent creativity this year!

You are also invited to a dance pre-party on Friday, December 7th, the night before EBABZ to meet fellow tablers and to support EBABZ event organizers. Please be aware that the majority of items for sale should be handmade, with the exception of commercially- printed publications.

DATE: December 8, 2012

TIME: 10 - 5 PM PST

LOCATION: 2050 Center Street, Berkeley, CA

COST: Free!