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VIDEO: POC Zine Project member Pati Garcia aka Chula Doula at 2013 L.A. Zine Fest, interview with XGames.com 

[Jump to 1:48 in if you just want Pati’s part]

XGames.com was at L.A. Zine Fest interviewing folks about not only the intersection of skate culture and zine culture, but also about DIY culture in general. 

They stopped by the POCZP table during our panel time, and caught Chula Doula who agreed to be interviewed. We didn’t know this was going to make it into their recap video but it did! Awesome!

This is the message that Alxis, who made this video for XGames.com, sent us after the fest:

I hope you like it, I put all my favorite artist and zines. I think what you all are doing is great, important and inspired work, I hope this turns some young minds on to what you’re doing. 

We also hope that through this video more folks from all backgrounds discover POCZP and zines by people of color, more info about zine culture and are inspired to be creators in ways that make sense for them.


Pati Garcia is a Certified Sexological bodyworker/Somatic Sex Educator, self-identifies as genderqueer/fluid two spirit of Peruvian-Mexican descent, loves to dig feet in the earth and throw love into the cosmos. Pati holds space for life unraveling and unwinding as a birth doula. Pati follows only the spirit led path and refuses to compromise pleasure for any reason at all. Radical feminist doula bodyworker, workshop facilitator. Wanna see your cervix?? Ask them how.


POCZP is not affiliated in any way with XGames.com and did not benefit financially by participating in their video. We were not obligated to share this clip and do not endorse all statements made in this video.

VIDEO: Race Riot! Tour - Oct 6, 2012 - Cristy C. Road reads from Spit and Passion

This clip is part two of five of a video documenting POC Zine Project’s multimedia reading and discussion at the University of Maryland on Oct 6, 2012. The event took place at the Women’s Studies Multimedia Studio.

In this segment (second half), Cristy C. Road reads excerpts from her new graphic memoir, Spit and Passion, out now on Feminist Press.

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POC Zine Project held it’s first-ever Race Riot! Tour, producing 20 events in 14 cities, which included speaking engagements at six universities. Our time at the University of Maryland was part of the tour. Click here to view photos from the POC Zine Project: 2012 Race Riot! Tour tour finale at Death By Audio in Brooklyn and access all the tour stop recaps.


POC Zine Project’s mission is to makes ALL zines by POC (People of Color) easy to find, distribute and share. We are an experiment in activism and community through materiality.


We will be taking the Race Riot! tour through 14 more cities in 2013. Stay tuned! Facebook.com/POCZineProject




If everyone in our community gave $1, we would more than meet our fundraising goal for the 2013 poverty zine series. If you have it to spare, we appreciate your support. All funds go to publishing and distribution costs.

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Info about the poverty zine series: http://bit.ly/RLVTVt


Video documentation made possible by Reed Bonnet (thanks for recording!) Check out his work: http://vimeo.com/reedbonnet/

Big thanks once again to Sine Hwang Jensen, a member of MOONROOT Collective who agreed to be our local tour organizer after we met her at the Bmore Feminist BBQ Series in August of 2012. 

Another big thank you to Melissa Rogers at the University of Maryland and Jarah Moesch from Digital Cultures & Creativity.