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COMMUNITY SUBMISSION: ‘Think About the Bubbles,’ a new zine about mental health and self care


ZINE TITLE: Think About the Bubbles

AUTHOR: Joyce Hatton

RELEASE DATE: January, 2013 


DISTRIBUTION: ”Most of the copies will be distributed in Portland, Vancouver, Brooklyn, and a fewer number in Chicago, Minneapolis, and Lismore, Australia.”

JOYCE ON TUMBLR: http://airhornoftruthandlove.tumblr.com


'Think About the Bubbles' is about my struggle to keep my mental health stable. My goals are to validate the thought processes of people with mental health issues; and to give people without mental health issues a glimpse of what life is like with one.

People who have read my zine have had very strong reactions- many people have cried, but they always clarify that they aren’t sad tears. People laugh, people talk about the ways they can relate, and people talk about the larger issues of mental health. That is my ultimate goal.

What I like most about it- I love how honest and heartfelt it turned out. It’s my first zine, and I love how empowering and esteem-building it felt to make it. Thanks!

Joyce is also on Facebook.

BIO: ”I started this page when I had cancer and I knew something was changing. I told myself “I refuse to let cancer _change anything._” but I lost. Everything has changed, and I’m really happy about that. I’m on a kickassed journey.”

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Things that make me feel happy: post-chemo ponytails, rigorous honesty, thinking about visiting my friend in Portland and legally going pants-less, kids laughing about butts and farts, hearing what makes other people happy…. so what makes you happy?


Joyce has not yet (publicly) shared price info or online ordering instructions. If you would like access to Joyce’s zine, send a message to their Tumblr. 


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