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Hi! I am taking a course at UMASS Amherst titled African American Woman's Fashion in the Diaspora with Professor Tanisha Ford. I just wanted to ask ya'll's advice on any zines by WOC out there that are specifically about fashion/critically engaging adornment. I want to do my final project on the course about WOC who adorn themselves in alternative fashion(s). I thought ya'll might have some good suggestions thank you for reading and keep up the AMAZING work. <3 A Fellow WOC and supporter — Asked by verodeaqui

Hi there! Thanks for reaching out. You’ve raised a question that has renewed our interest in archiving fashion-related zines by POC. Presently we don’t have anything like what you’re looking for in the archive.

We put a call for support on Facebook and Twitter and so far people have been recommending blogs, not zines.

Here are the blogs that folks recommended:

Beck Levy: not a zine but this dc style blog by Not-too Shabby DeRoberts is rad: http://divacity.tumblr.com/

Amber Fellows: http://www.npr.org/blogs/pictureshow/2011/07/07/137651983/photo-history-the-fashions-of-women-of-color

Susan A. Rohwer: It’s not a zine per-say but it is a blog made by WOC about fashion/critically engaging adornment: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Threadbared/97922323220

We know you are looking for zines specifically about fashion/critically engaging adornment by WOC, so ….

COMMUNITY: If you have any fashion zines by POC to recommend, please reblog with your answer AND/OR submit your suggestions. You can also email daniela@dcapmedia.com.

We want to add fashion-related zines by POC to the archive ASAP (we pay for zines to support POC creators), so thanks with your help reaching this goal.